Thursday, July 1, 2010

When it comes to Ice Cream, I am an expert at eating, and a novice at making. I decided I needed some. NOW.

I'd tried to make ice cream before and failed, mostly because we don't have an ice cream maker, and I put my ice cream in the freezer, where it turned to a nearly inedible rock.

First Attempt: I looked up a foolproof recipe, found on Karen Knowler's website. I won't put it up, because if I do, I want to have pictures of successful ice cream to go with it.

I blended my ingredients, and placed it carefully in the freezer, lovingly returning every 20 mins to diligently stir it, as suggested by Karen.

It was working well, too! Only every 20 minutes I returned to stir, I'd have a spoonful, just to 'test'.

Eventually when it was ready, we only had about two scoops per person. My bad.

But it was DELICIOUS! Creamy, and perfect.

Second Attempt: My mum said that her uncle had taught her some magic way to make ice cream without an ice cream maker OR a freezer, instead using the wonders of chemistry. Let's say I was quite dubious about that one.

We made more ice cream, put it in a sealed food saved bag. Put the sealed bag in another bag and added salt. Then we manically shook the bag for ten minutes.

My mum checked the recipe online.

And discovered she forgot to add ice, the key scientific ingredient.

We shook the bag around more. It got cold. We poured the ice cream into bowls and ate it. It was VERY good.

After having two portions of ice cream I realized that in the future I'd take the easy way.

Thankfully, my mum has ordered an ice cream maker, which will be here on Monday! :O So I will definitely post pictures and a recipe then!

Felic Pear x

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