Monday, June 28, 2010


It's amazing how amusing Raw Food can be.

Today I came home from Piano, had my dinner, and then did the spontanious thing I usually do, decided to make a Cake. Or Cayk, as I call it.

I am not a perfectionest, but I needed a cake for tomorrow. So what did I do?

I blended 1 c of Walnuts with 1/4 c Macadamia Nuts and 1/4 c of Cashews.

Then I blended 5 Halawi Dates (soaked) with 4 Dried Apricots (also soaked) with the Nut mixture, and added a teaspoon of Organic Vanilla Extract. And of course Cocao Powder! (20g).

Then I put it in the pie dish and threw it in the fridge. (Saving a bit of the mixture).

But I wanted MORE.

So I whipped up a Fudge Sauce.

It was basically just 1/2 and Avocado, 5 Halawi Dates and 4 Dried Apricots (pre-soaked), a tbsp of Honey, and 20g Raw Organic Cocao Powder.

Then I spread that on my Cayk. (Saving a bit).

I ground up 1/4 c Macadamia Nuts and 1/4 c Walnuts and spread that on top of the fudge.

Then (And this was dumb of me), I put more fudge on top.

The cake was looking very non-gourmet at this point, but more delicious looking than ever!

I added the first made mixture to the top as well, divided the cake into 16 slices, and left it in the fridge.

Then I went onto a Nutrition site and added the ingredients. If you divide the cake into 16 slices, 1 slice is the equivalent of:

140 Calories
10g Total Fat
11g Carbohydrate
2g Dietry Fiber
2g Sugar
3g Protein

It was amazing! Sorry, no photos though. But be imaginative when un-cooking! I failed, but deliciously.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Being a teenager is horrendous.

But being a Raw-Vegan teenager is even more horrendous, lol NAH it's not really.

I've been quite used to rejecting other peoples food, because I haven't eaten sugar in 5 years, but this is just a new level of... eating.

I'm going to my friends place for a sleepover next Friday. So of course I started to freak out. What was I going to say? Her family is Indian, and love food... was I going to offend them all by turning their food down?

So what did I do? As difficult as it was, I called my friend, and explained in the simplest most non-descript way possible about my new eating habits.

Me: Um, you know the way I, um, you know, eat a bit strange?
Her: Yeah? Why?
Me: Would it offend your mum if I brought my own food to your place on Friday on account of the fact that I have health issues and cannot eat any other food except meat free, dairy free, egg free, sugar free, wheat free, and uncooked?
Her: Well I'm sure we could cook you something...
Me: No, it's fine, I'll bring my own.

So as awkward as it was, it made me feel a bit better. I'm planning on bringing fruits for dinner and breakfast... not very conventional, but she doesn't even eat breakfast, so meh.

I think people think I'm a bit strange with my Raw-Vegan eating. Especially because of my age. I should be out drinking and smoking. But it is honestly incredibly unappealing to me. I think people pity me a bit as well. But really, if I were them I wouldn't waste their pity! My menu today? Breakfast was Stylishly Strawberried Sorbet, Lunch was Chocolate Wonder-cake, with Fudge sauce, Dinner was a Green Smoothie (But in camoflage, because I added a lot of cocao). As you may have guessed, I have a bit of a Chocolate Addiction.

I have been 100% Raw for quite sometime now. At first I tried rather feebly to eat cooked food, but now I'm just 100% everyday. Cooked food is a drag, and doesn't taste as good as it once did. But I know a lot of people love cooked food, and don't really believe Raw Food, or the lifestyle.

That's another thing, people think it's waaay too difficult to stay Raw-Vegan, all day every day. It's not really. I get freaked out a bit when I think of the future. But the one saying that calms me down everytime is "Take it ONE DAY at a time". I dunno, that just puts it in perspective. In the mornings I plan what I want to eat. (Yes, what I WANT to eat). I don't plan any further than that. So tomorrow for Breakfast I'm having Cream o' Buckwheat, Lunch is Chocolate "Soup" at the Raw Vegan Cafe, and dinner is Chocolate Cake at home. And lots of fruit in between. But if I think any further than that, it starts to get scary.

Anyway, I'm going to post about how to Sprout if You're Cheap (Like Me). Because Sprouts are a great healthy option. I admit, I don't exactly salivate when I think about them, but if you throw them into a smoothie or cake, you get the goodness without the sometime revolting taste (though surprisingly they sometimes do taste good).

Felic Pear x

Friday, June 25, 2010

Raw Recipe: Stylishly Strawberried Sorbet

So this is like the yummest thang ever to eat, like seriously.

When I was last in Sydney I ate something similiar to this, and when my mum bought some strawberries a few days ago, I instantly attempted to replicate it!

It is so simple, and basic, in fact, it's a crime to use the word 'recipe', since it has only 3 ingredients.

So with no further procrastination, let us introduce them.

1 & 1/2 cups of Frozen Organic Strawberries
1/2 cup of Water (filter it if you want)
1 tbsp of Honey

Enough for 2 small glasses, or if you're greedy (like myself) 1 big glass.

Method: (Well, there isn't one, really)
Put the ingrediants in a blender, and blend! You may want to add more water, but only a tablespoon at a time. There is no way you want it to be runny, that would just ruin the moment completely.

When it is the 'right' texture (you will know, trust me), add it to the glass(es), add a strawberry on top if you want to add artistic flair, maybe sprinkle on some Goji Berries, and VOILA.

Because we live in the world of Orthorexic Obsession, I thought I'd add the Nutrition Info, so you can feel even better about eating this instead of the giant chocolate cake that you were going to eat.

Serving Size: 1/2 large cup

Amount Per Serving

Calories 64
Total Fat 0g
Sodium 0mg
Total Carbohydrate 16.97g
Dietary Fiber 2.2g
Sugars 12.26g
Protein 1.18g

I don't really like to think of food as a bunch of Nutrients with fancy names, but it's nice to know that what you're eating isn't going to give you heart disease, which is commonly understood when eating something that tastes good. But Raw-Vegan isn't like that!

Despite the fact it is the middle of winter, it is still possibly the nicest thing ever, but seriously guys, conserve your strawberries, they are few and far between, so unless you win the lottery every day, I suggest you eat this only once a week.

I'm so happy we managed to find some Organic Strawberries. I added them to my raw-vegan Breakfast (Cream o' Buckwheat), and it gave it an almost 'fluffy' texture.

I'd just like to add that ALL the recipes I post on here will be Raw-Vegan, because being a Raw-Vegan is the Shizz.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

100% Raw Week


Well, what an amazing 100% raw week I've had!

Today me and my BFFL Josh went to the best raw-vegan café in Christchurch during our school lunch break. It was SO cool. Josh is an incredibly fussy eater, and I refuse to eat practically everything. (It is so hilarious to say, "I don't eat meat, dairy, eggs, sugar, wheat or cooked food"), so it was great to go to a café that catered for both of us. Josh ate a truffle, and I had my favourite Mayan Magic Chocolate, or as I call it, "Chocolate Soup".

Meanwhile at home, mum and I have been creating incredible raw dishes, aided by a few websites and raw cookbooks.

I'm not posting the recipes now, but I WILL.

This is one of my favourite things to take in my school lunch, and is a great winter treat. (Can be quite spicy, which seems to naturally heat the body).

I also made some little biscuit treats, and I will upload the recipe later for these, they are YUM.


Better go and eat my Raw Chocolate Mousse. (:

Saturday, June 12, 2010

And in the Beginning... There was Light.

I've kinda been wanting to start a raw blog for awhile, maybe just to see if there are any other raw teenagers out there in this empty world...?

So I may as well write about myself. (Favourite subject, of course).

I'm Felicity. I'm 15, and I live in New Zealand. I'm a Raw-Vegan. And haven't been eating cooked food for a couple of months.

How the hell did I become raw-vegan? I ask myself that all the time. It was health reasons... My mum and I haven't eaten sugar for 5 years, (except fruit sugars), and then I was told by a Naturopath that I was Lactose/Dairy Intolerant, and that I was slightly Wheat Intolerant as well (even though I didn't have celiac). So, we went Raw!

I'm usually about 90% raw day to day, because at the moment in New Zealand it's the middle of winter, there is hardly any food that is organic or growing, and it's freezing 99% of the time. But I think we're doing pretty well considering.

Even though we usually have one cooked meal per day, it's strange how anti-eating-meat I am now. I love animals, but I've never been the type to think I'm eating man's best friend and all that. After watching many Raw How-to videos, I've come to the conclusion that it's truly unnatural to eat meat. (For me, at least). I heard someone say the other day, "Think about when we were first on the planet. What did we eat? We wouldn't have had roast dinners; fire wasn't invented for a long time... So we ate plants and fruits."

My mum's friends have often thought I'm weird (or that she's weird) letting me not eat sugar, and now not eat Dairy/Wheat/Meat/Processed Foods, but I made this decision myself, and my mum has actually at times tried to get me back to lots of cooked foods and meat ("for protein"), because she thinks I'm too skinny, but in truth, when I eat raw, I feel most comfortable, most energised, and just in general most happy! So for me, that's good enough reason to stay raw.

Anyway, I'm going to use this blog to write lots of stuff about being raw, myself, and I'll also post some recipes!

Leave a comment if you're raw or if you wanna talk to me or whatever.
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