Friday, July 2, 2010


Yes, it's finally that time; the Holidays!

I'm RLY excited for tomorrow, because my mum's invited some of her friends over for Raw Vegan Food Sampling! She told them I've become a Raw Vegan, and they were curious as to what I ate, so therefore we invited them to our house.

I just spent the past 3 hours de-shelling walnuts, and making Noritos. For some reason, I kept eating seaweed, and my dog joined me. (He likes seaweed, too).

Me and my mum also went shopping for organic foods. Before we left we ate a bit of Wonder Cake (Raw Vegan). It was filled with walnuts, and really put me on a bit of a natural high, I must admit!

So I suggest, if you're ever feeling a bit low, make yourself something with nuts in! They really energized me, and I ended up walking about 5km without getting tired. (Only cold).

We go to a local organic market sort of place and buy our food there, which is quite reasonably priced. They didn't have something we needed though, and so we had to go to the normal supermarket. I've become really paranoid about supermarkets, in conjunction with seeing a show on TV about supermarket psychology.

One thing I do enjoy about supermarkets though is picking a 'normal' product off the shelf and reading the nutrition label and ingredients, which is a skill of mine. (I do that with my friends' food wrappers as well).

I've become obsessed with looking at, touching, and tasting foods recently. I guess it's because of becoming a Raw Vegan. When I was at the store I found a coconut, and started waving it around in order to hear the 'sloshing' sound. For some reason, I'm just amazed at the perfection, intricateness and uniqueness of Raw foods, that so many people take for granted. And now I can't get over the fact that cooked food looks and tastes sort of like slime (I'm not trying to put you off it though!), and though I haven't eaten it in ages, my mum, who still occasionally eats the stuff, says, "It's not as nice as it once was..."

I can't wait til Monday! Why? I will tell you later. ;)

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