Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Monday Surprise! Tuesday Surprise?!

So what was the Monday surprise, you ask? An ice cream maker! I spent the whole weekend waiting for it, and it has finally arrived!

This is the delicious Cacao Cashew Ice Cream. Damn tasty!

I wasn't expecting the surprise I got on Tuesday though...

You know when you plan something, and then your plans get changed through NO FAULT of your own?

My mum told me to plan a Weekly Raw Vegan Menu for us, including writing preperations for each night, shopping lists, and searching for recipes online. I had to make something new each day, so that meant that chocolate cake everyday was off the menu. That was all fine and dandy, until my mum's friends came to stay with their 3 year old granddaughter. Not that I minded, but I had just exhausted myself in planning a 7 day menu for 2 people.

Not only that, our house resembles an igloo, in looks and size. And 3 extra people don't fit too well.

So far it's been fine. Last night they bought Fish-n-chips for dinner (anyone who's been to New Zealand will know about this national obsession; this is like the signature dish). I wasn't tempted at all, and instead ate lots of Kale Chips! They were so much better. My mum ate some fish-n-chips though, and she said they weren't filling and tasted quite slimy.

This morning Anne (my mum's friend) tasted a bit of my cacao cashew ice cream, and thought it was delicious! She was amazed that there was no cream, eggs, or sugar in the mix. So I promised I'd make her a Raw Vegan Chocolate Cake for dinner, as it's actually her birthday today.


  1. Felic, I love your blog. I'm a mom of a lovely 7yr. old girl and I want her to see young women like you as role models of good self esteem and assurance. Nobody is perfect and never will, but it's good to see the newer generations are bringing hope and healing. God bless ya!

    Peace :)

  2. Thankyou so much for your comment! I'm glad that you like my blog and what a really kind thing to say. Thanks again!!
    Felic Pear x

  3. I've been making "Raw Ice Cream" in my food processor by washing, slicing and freezing the fruit first, but an icecream maker would be even better. That's awesome that you got one. :)


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