Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Cacao Crepes. My mum decided to meet up with an old school friend, and suggested we have breakfast at a vegetarian/vegan/raw cafe.

I had the cacao crepes. They were delicious.

Since I had the camera on me I decided to take a picture of one of the coolest streets in Christchurch, which thankfully wasn't destroyed in the earthquake.

Ok, on a more serious note, I was at the chemist's the other day (or as peepz in America would say, the 'drug store'), no that is not the serious note. We were looking for some natural and vegan medicines/remedies for depression, that I have recently been suffering from. I spoke with a counsellor who happens to think it's earthquake related, but anyway...

The person who was working at the counter was suggesting that I get a blood type test done, and suggested I read a book called Eat Right for Your Type .

Anyway, I was horrified to discover that I was type O, which is supposed to thrive on meat products.

Luckily for me, I had already read in The Food Revolution that the diet had absolutely no credibility, so I decided to ignore it totally.

I don't think I could handle eating another creature's heart (stupidly recommended by the book), and that thought snapped me out of any depression.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Taco of the Future

Yum Yum YUM.

These are your standard corn and flaxseed tortilla/tacos. We didn't exactly have the typical ingredients, so we made do with several varieties of lettuce, sour cream, avocado, and sweet chilli sauce.

Raw never tasted better.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Cake. Chocolate Cake

Mmmm... Cake. Enough said.

Yum. Um, it was a bit messy to eat, refer to the picture below.

You can't see the crust, but it was sort of like a... nice surprise waiting at the bottom! :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Best of Raw Chocolate

It has always saddened me that chocolate is supposedly so bad for me. Amazingly enough, RAW chocolate is very healthful! Because the nutrition isn't bubbled and boiled away, the raw cacao (which is a superfood) can deliver the antioxidants, magnesium, and iron. Please note: this is RAW chocolate we are talking about, the other stuff will just go straight to your hips. :)

Because I live in a tiny island in the middle of nowhere, I was amazed to find a place that sold raw products, and then I stumbled upon raw chocolate bars!! We decided to try them all, and I have to admit, these Tama Toa bars (pictured right) are my definite favorite.

I really love the whole raw chocolate eating experience. Maybe it's because the chocolate is handmade, and beautifully packaged. This chocolate is different, it's not the sort you buy and quickly shove into your mouth. It's the sort where you carefully remove the wrapping, savor the sight, and equally savor the taste, texture, and moment.

I've noticed with other raw chocolate that they often aren't sweet. I have a sweet tooth, and so I was delighted to discover that the Tama Toa chocolates are sweet!

It trult melts in the mouth, too, and because Pixie (the creator) adds nuts, seeds, goji berries and a few other delights to the mix, they have a nice crunch to them.

(I'm starting to salivate looking at the pictures, excuse me.)

Great news, we are selling a few from our stash! But be quick, we will not sell many, and they are sure to go quick, due to deliciousness and the fact that I know where my mother has hidden them.

Contact me at felic [dot] pear [at] gmail [dot] com, if you would like to purchase one.

Or you can order them directly from Pixie's website

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Could me and my best friend be any more alike?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Exciting Updates!

Recently, I sort of lost my love of creating raw food at home. I still loved trying other people's raw food though. Just me, personally, had lost the excitement. There will always be good and bad people in the world, and I just have to try to not let them influence me. I shall explain further.

When I first started being raw I would eat cake and ice cream at every meal. I hadn't eaten that sort of thing in a long time, due to not eating sugar for 5 years. It may have been slightly unhealthy, but at the time I was new to raw, and the food tasted so good and was so good for me! I was feeling alive, happy, well, health issues went, and loving the fact that I could eat cake and not worry, because in fact I was losing weight!

Then I logged onto the internet (as you do). Big mistake. I felt like I was being shouted at by a million different raw food 'gurus', being told that what was feeling so good to me was completely wrong, and that I was going to die a slow and painful death (or words to that effect).

Of course, there were nice people online too, telling me that whatever I was eating was good because it was raw, and that everyone was different, and what may work for others was not specifically for me. But I couldn't shake other people's negativity.

But recently something great has happened! I'm back to my old self! I don't even know what it was, but suddenly I have that feeling in my stomach, a fluttering, that just makes me feel like that good things are going to happen! I've got that love of creating food back, and I have major plans!

So with this new positive mind, I logged onto Flikr, and created an account. Here is the link. I also spent my morning looking through the millions of raw recipes that I have, and decided on a few which I would like to create.

Today is also my best friend Josh's birthday, and I have decided on a great present, which I think he might possibly like. For those who don't know, Josh has been an amazing support during my raw journey, and is surprisingly open minded to raw foods. I'm lucky to have him as a friend, as a bonus he is hilarious. Happy birthday, Josh. :)

And even more exciting news, I tracked down the website for my favorite (ever) chocolate bar, ordered some bars, and I am going to review them when they arrive. If you want to order one or two feel free to email me at More information on that later though.

I would actually just like to do a review of one of my favorite blogs at the moment, Really Raw by Raederle. Her blog has so many features, a recipe section, articles, polls, q & a, etc! I really like it because I think a lot of her opinions she voices very fairly, but still comes to a healthy conclusion which supports raw living. You should definitely check it out!

I have found so many beautiful recipes that I would love to create within the next few weeks. So what if some of them are nut-based? You only live once, you may as well enjoy it.
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