Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Such a long day today, I only just got home, and it's 7:00pm!

In the morning I got up, and made our lunches which was just crackers, because I knew we'd be going shopping. Though I did make my mum a piece of chocolate cake with walnuts and cashews, since I knew she'd need the energy. (I was feeling fine so didn't make one for myself).

At 11:00am we left home. This in itself was a feat, because we don't have a car! Luckily the bus service where we live is awesome, so it wasn't too difficult, we just had to walk a bit. But when you want Raw Food, you want Raw Food, right? So we went to the local organic health food store, called Piko.

I spend a lot of my time raging about the fact that there aren't any Raw Chocolate brands or Cacao Nibs in New Zealand, because there seem to be a lot in America! We are very lucky though, to have one of the Top 50 Raw Vegan Chefs in the World (Patricia Ganswind, from Canada) running a cafe near where we live! Yum, she makes the best Mayan Magic Chocolate, but I just call it Chocolate Soup. ANYWAY, as I think I was originally saying (yeah, I go way off topic sometimes), we actually managed to find some Raw Packaged Foods at Piko! I was amazed, and super happy when my mum bought it! Here are our spoils.

They were delicious! However, they totaled at about $20NZD, which is about $14USD. I don't know if that's much in America, but here in New Zealand, it's a mighty big amount to spend on a 6 pieces of Chocolate and some crackers! Especially since I can make the crackers at home for $1.00. But I'm glad we did get some, and it's good to know there is some packaged Raw Food being sold where I live.

We also got some fruits and vegetables.

We got apples (they sell the best apples), pears, kiwifruit, avocados, chia seeds (which I had been looking for), lemons, and vanilla extract. It totaled at about $30NZD, equivalent to $20USD.

This may seem a lot. It certainly seems a lot to spend on food in New Zealand, especially since I come from a single parent family. But I think this proves a point. Me and my mum do NOT have lots of money, but we still maintain an 100% Raw Lifestyle, even during the middle of winter (it's winter in the southern hemisphere, remember that as you nom your next raspberry!)

My mum says she doesn't mind paying extra for food, because she knows we are getting such a high quality of nutrition, we need less food, we are healthier, happier, and she says she loves seeing me try new recipes as it inspires her.

It was difficult at first to prove to my mum that I wanted to stay 100% Raw. It took commitment. But when there's a will, there's a way. I searched recipes, tried them out, and adjusted them to suit us. It has changed the way we lived, for the better!

So we went and ate our picnic lunch of yummy raw foods under a tree. It was the first decent day in so long, and it was nice feeling the warm sun again.

Then we went to the University. I may only be 15, but as you have probably guessed by now, that doesn't seem to stop me. My school has a really cool offer open that if you want to take a specific University Course, you can. So I leapt at the opportunity and decided to take one about The Evolution of Jazz.

My plans for tomorrow is to make some Raw Vegan Sushi! Would it be crazy for me to say that I have never actually attempted to make sushi before? (Raw Vegan anyway). If it looks half decent I will post photos and a recipe.

Until then, Peace & Love,
Felic Pear x

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