Monday, July 12, 2010

Freak Out D:

I'd thought I'd write this post just to show people that bad things CAN happen when you're a Raw Vegan. We all should know this anyway, because it's just what life does!

I'm not a Raw Food Expert, but I have managed to learn to listen to my body. All I am is a broke teenager in New Zealand trying (and mostly succeeding) to be 100% Raw Vegan all the time.

Anyway, so you know when things are great, but then (sometimes for no reason) things don't go so great? And you quickly find yourself freaking out...

I had one of those. And I'm not ashamed to admit it!

I was feeling very uninspired. My body wasn't responding well to Raw Food, and I now see it's because I was eating too much. I was wondering if I should quit Raw Food altogether. I felt so bad about all the money my mum had spent on my health (pre-Raw) and now my organic food. I'd been at home for about 5 days straight. We had guests staying on the living room floor. I had homework I had to do but didn't particularly want to. And to add insult to injury, it was raining!

Yes, I am a responsible, mature 15 year old, and it is high time my mum stopped coming and giving me a hug when I cried, but I'm not ashamed she did! She came and talked to me, confirmed that Raw Food was the path I should be on, that I could get my homework done, and that everything was going to 'be ok'. And in true style, we even made some ice cream :3

Can anyone guess what kind of Ice Cream it is?


  1. It's funny how once we express ourselves in times of frustration, sadness, anger, defeat.... the rain clouds suddenly seem to part. I love hearing about your relationship with your mama, being able to share your feelings and emotions is so crucial to maintaining a balanced life. Plus, nothing fixes a funky mood like some raw ice cream!

    I made ice cream today too! There must be raw ice cream vibes everywhere lately :0)

  2. I've been loving your blog, Felic, and really appreciating your honesty and enthusiasm :) I've also been super impressed that you started this at 15. I'm sure you get that alot, but if I'd started this 8 years ago like you, I can't imagine what awesome shape I'd be in! I may have reached nirvana by now... Being a 1 year raw foodist, I'm definitely going to tell you to keep it up! Like any dietary change, the earlier period is going to be all about figuring out what's right for you. I've found that the raw diet is rarely similar for two people.

    Example: My husband can power down healthy fats like there's no tomorrow and not gain and pound while still gaining muscle, while I have to stick with 90% fresh fruits and veggies to maintain my energy and health. If we switched places (which we've done), I'd pack on the pounds while he would become thin and lanky.

    You're doing an amazing thing for both your body and the environment, you just have to figure out what the "you way" of doing things are and I guarantee you'll feel better than ever!

  3. Perhaps bad days give us something to measure the better days by ...

    Not sure what kind of icecream that is. Maybe banana chocolate? Looks delicious :-)

  4. I'm curious how much you think you (or your family) spends per week on food now that you are raw vs. before? I am noticing that with the amount of produce I eat now that the grocery bills are getting higher, anyone else noticing similar things?

  5. @Meredith, Yeah, when I talk about things, they don't seem so complicated, I guess that's why I like blogging. Yummmmmmm, I <3 Ice Cream SO MUCH. I hadn't eaten it for so long because I hadn't had sugar for 5 years, it was like heaven eating it again!

    @Chantal, It's like that with me and my mum, I seem to have a lot of energy even when I don't eat much, but she seems to need to eat a lot of nuts in order to not feel weak. Being Raw has changed how I feel about so many things, I'm such an environmentalist/animal rights person/health food nut now :)

    @Antony: It's CARROT ice cream (haha, I know).

    @Rachael: It varies, sometimes we don't spend much, other times we spend a lot, I have just posted about our shopping trip today!


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