Monday, June 28, 2010


It's amazing how amusing Raw Food can be.

Today I came home from Piano, had my dinner, and then did the spontanious thing I usually do, decided to make a Cake. Or Cayk, as I call it.

I am not a perfectionest, but I needed a cake for tomorrow. So what did I do?

I blended 1 c of Walnuts with 1/4 c Macadamia Nuts and 1/4 c of Cashews.

Then I blended 5 Halawi Dates (soaked) with 4 Dried Apricots (also soaked) with the Nut mixture, and added a teaspoon of Organic Vanilla Extract. And of course Cocao Powder! (20g).

Then I put it in the pie dish and threw it in the fridge. (Saving a bit of the mixture).

But I wanted MORE.

So I whipped up a Fudge Sauce.

It was basically just 1/2 and Avocado, 5 Halawi Dates and 4 Dried Apricots (pre-soaked), a tbsp of Honey, and 20g Raw Organic Cocao Powder.

Then I spread that on my Cayk. (Saving a bit).

I ground up 1/4 c Macadamia Nuts and 1/4 c Walnuts and spread that on top of the fudge.

Then (And this was dumb of me), I put more fudge on top.

The cake was looking very non-gourmet at this point, but more delicious looking than ever!

I added the first made mixture to the top as well, divided the cake into 16 slices, and left it in the fridge.

Then I went onto a Nutrition site and added the ingredients. If you divide the cake into 16 slices, 1 slice is the equivalent of:

140 Calories
10g Total Fat
11g Carbohydrate
2g Dietry Fiber
2g Sugar
3g Protein

It was amazing! Sorry, no photos though. But be imaginative when un-cooking! I failed, but deliciously.

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