Friday, July 16, 2010

Raw Recipe: Sooshi + Rice/Pâté

This was the first time I've ever attempted to make Raw Vegan Sushi! The first roll wasn't so good, the second (which was the one I photographed) was a lot better, and actually looked edible! The third, which I should have photographed, was even better.
It does take a bit of practice, but you get there in the end!

For the Rice/Pâté: (I used a basic recipe)
3c Sunflower Seeds (sprouted)
1c Lemon Juice
1/4c Liquid Aminos (or Tamari, Nama Shoyu)
Chopped Garlic

Tip: DON'T add extra water, I added a tiny bit, and as a result, it became a bit too watery!

Next get your 'inside the sushi' ingredients; mine were Avocado, Refried Beans, and Carrots.

I suggest you use two layers of Nori, because the pâté is quite wet, you don't want the Nori to get wet and rip. (Heaven Forbid!)

Lay the Nori down on a bamboo mat, (if you have one) and spread the pâté from the bottom up to about halfway.

Then add the carrots onto the pâté, I julienned mine. (For the un-enlightened, it means cut into thin strips). Add the avocado, or any other ingredients you have!

I sealed the sushi with a bit of the pâté, and then lay the sushi on top of the sealed part.

I then put my sushi roll in the fridge to set a bit, I found it made it easier to cut.

DON'T think this was my first attempt, because it took me ages to get it right. Luckily with a bit of patience, I managed to make a sushi that could be picked up without everything falling out!

I'll add pictures to the post later of the steps, my instructions might seem a bit confusing, sorry. :)

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  1. It was very delicious too, and so cutely rustic looking. Thanks xx.


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