Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday: Purple Boysenberry Velvet Ice Cream

Purple Boysenberry Velvet Ice Cream

And that concludes Ice Cream Week. :(

I have had quite a few requests for some of the recipes... and the stupid thing is, when I was inventing them, I forgot to write down exact measurements... guess I'm gonna have to make them all again :D

No, seriously... I think I might make a free downloadable eBook sometime with the recipes in. It was so much fun inventing and creating! I find that these days when I make Raw Food, I'm always thinking about ways to improve or tweak the recipes to my liking. I'm also going to try and make the recipes more 'economical', without compromising taste. Stay tuned!

Now I have to make an ice cream wafer recipe to go with the ice cream...

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  1. Hi Felic Pear, I was just reading you blog and it's wonderful!

    Great idea to do ice cream week, all your ice creams looked delicious! :) I'd love to get my hands on an icecream maker. I keep trying to find one 2nd hand, but no such luck.

    I know what you mean about trying to keep recipes economical. Eating raw can be expensive. I found the first few months of eating raw I wanted to try all these new and different foods, spices, superfoods, etc... It added up, but now I try to keep it to just our favs, since we are on a one person income as well :)

    Thanks for finding my blog and adding me :)


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