Saturday, July 3, 2010

Food for the People!

The Good: Today was SUCH a great day!

I woke up and made more crackers for my mum's friends. Then I started to de-shell more walnuts.

Here was what we fed the non-raw-vegan guests. Man, were they impressed!

Clockwise: Chocolate Wonder-Cake, Mad-as-Crackers, Strawberries (for Sorbet), Sour Cream, Noritos.

Everything was 100% Raw Vegan: No meat, eggs, sugar, wheat, dairy, soy, or cooking!

I was also in the process of making Raw Vegan Cocoa Pops.


Ahh, I remember the days when I ate stuff like that for breakfast. Except for the pollution that was normally in the stuff, it was like double chocolate hit, first the chocolate puffs, then the chocolate milk! The fact I can still have it, and that it's SO good for me, is just great.

The fruit of my efforts!

Like the little 'arab' cap I fashioned for the jar?

RLY excited for the juice feast me and my mum are doing tomorrow. I don't even know if it's gonna be that good, because we're only doing it for one day... Monday is a SPECIAL day. (Which I will tell you about when Monday arrives).

The Bad: In my ecstasy of Raw Eating, I cut my finger with the serrated knife. Owch.

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