Monday, July 19, 2010

Interrogated... by 12 year olds?!

One of my mum's friends is on holiday in Australia at the moment, so it's my mum's job to go over and feed the kids dinner. There are two teens, around my age, and then two 12 year old twins.

Anyway, we went over this afternoon, and somehow they had managed to find out about my veganism. I don't think they knew about the 'Raw' Veganism, and I didn't bother to tell them, it would only confuse them.

They had a few friends over, and they asked me the following:
What do you eat?
How do you live life without meat?
Where do you get your calcium without milk?
Do you like salads?
Where do you get protein?

And the general statement was: "Man, I'd HATE to be a vegan!"

My response: "You just wait! I'm making you vegan ice cream tomorrow! Then you'll be sorry!"

My answers to the questions were:
-I eat fruits and vegetables. Duh.
-It is EASY for me to live without meat! Read The Food Revolution (John Robbins), and see if you still want to eat meat then.
-There are green leafy vegetables that contain calcium, and also the Cherimoya fruit contains a HUGE amount of calcium. Yum Yum!
-I don't naturally gravitate towards salads, so it has to be pretty tasty for it to get my vote!
-I get my protien from green leafy vegetables, quinoa, sprouts, and nuts.

I don't judge anyone. I know how unnatractive it is to be judgemental. It's difficult not to be though, seeing people struggling to lose weight, or to maintain health. Obesity runs rampant on BOTH sides of my family, and I was overweight when I was younger. I'm not anymore, and could actually be considered quite skinny. I will do a Before & After post when I can get my hands on some decent pictures. I'm not really looking to convert people to Raw Foods, I just want to inspire, and to show how possible it can be, no matter how disadvantaged you may think you are. And I want to show people the perfect health I am in, and show them that it's attainable!

This is what I had for lunch the other day. Don't freak out, it's not actually S.A.D.!

French Fries & Tomato Sauce

Today was my first day back at school :/ I talked to my English teacher, and he said I could write a review of a book for my English exams. Hmm. I'm questioning whether to review The Food Revolution, The Omnivore's Dilemma, or In Defense of Food. Haha, yes, they will think I'm crazy. I've been reading a lot of stuff like that to better answer people's probing questions about my diet.


  1. SO SICK!!
    I love your blog already!
    you're fifteen, that's epic.
    im 19 :)
    where are you from?

  2. Hi there! I saw that you're following me (thank you!) so I thought I'd check out your blog. I am CAPTIVATED by all the raw creations that you're making, and I think it's so fantastic that you're 100% raw and have your mum doing this with you as well. I wish I had discovered raw food when I was your age (I'm 23 now).

    Great posts and pictures, keep up the fantastic work :). I just did a huge post about my raw food adventures, so check it out if you're interested.


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