Sunday, July 4, 2010

Raw Recipe: Cocoa Pops

I love many things. I love Chocolate, being a Raw Vegan, and eating Breakfast.


Raw Vegan Cocoa Pops

10 Dates (soaked for at least 20 minutes)
1/2 Avocado
1 tbsp Organic Vanilla Extract
1 tbsp Raw Organic Honey
1/4c Raw Organic Cacao Powder
2-3c Sprouted Buckwheat

Method: Combine all the ingredients EXCEPT the Sprouted Buckwheat and blend!

Transfer to a mixing bowl, and mix the fudgey chocolate sauce and the Sprouted Buckwheat together.

This is your chance to add delicious morsels of nutritious goodness! I added a handful of raisins... If you have Raw Cacao Nibs add them, we would, but we can't find ANYWHERE that sells them. You should have something that looks like this.

I then dehydrated it over night, so it would be ready for breakfast. I don't know how long it took, 6 hours maybe?


I suggest you whip up some of your favorite milk to go with it, whether it be almond, walnut, cashew, there are so many options! Or just eat it without milk, it's pretty darn tasty anyhow!

If you want it really sweet add more dates or honey. If you want the buckwheat to be the star, add more buckwheat. You have the power!

Anyway, I have some Kale Chips in the dehydrator overnight, they're going to be for my lunch tomorrow. I've heard that they are the best things on the planet, and judging by the smell, I believe it!

I tried to do a juice fast/feast today. It went alright, except for my Cocoa Pops at breakfast! And I forgot to eat lunch... Ok, maybe not so good after all. But I was trying to do French Homework! (I know right, homework in the holidays?) Anyway, here is my juice that I had for dinner. All the greens were from our garden as well. My mum suggested I put the picture up to show that I do eat some non-chocolate stuff...!

I whipped up some of my Strawberry Sorbet as well, and put it in little ice cube trays. I figured that I'd rather my family eat these as snacks, as opposed to non-raw-vegan chocolate biscuits (and yes, even though I am 15, I share a very active role in un-cooking and menu planning).

I am the first to volunteer to be the strawberry's cheerleader

"Oh how I feel dainty eating my strawberry-on-a-stick."

Today my mum also made us a glass house! I helped with about 2% of the backbreaking labour. LOL, No, instead I was being a 15 year old house wife in the kitchen.

Peace, and Raw Food, (because Peace is caused by Raw Food)
Felic Pear x


  1. Good luck with finding raw cacao nibs. I like your blog

    Antony :-)

  2. If only we could grow cacao here in New Zealand, we'd be fine...

  3. What was your exciting Monday news?!

  4. Sorry, I'll post it soon!

    I have photos to include and at the moment I can't upload them.

    Felic Pear x


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