Sunday, July 11, 2010

What Has Been Happening in 'My' Kitchen

Happy International Raw Day! (I know, there is such a thing as International Raw Day?!)

First I'd like to apologise for this post, which is most probably going to be VERY long.

Today our guests left. Though it was sad to see them go, it was pretty exhausting having people stay, especially in our little igloo house.

As soon as they left, my mum went and had an afternoon nap, and I took to the kitchen to do a bit of Raw Un-cooking.

A few hours later I took her up a few Chocolate Orange Cookies and some of her favourite White Pear tea.

I put on a fresh batch of Kale Chips, and also tried making some Pumpkin Bars (as seen on the Renegade Health Show); our guests had a Roast for dinner last night and there was leftover raw pumpkin.

I dehydrated some and put some of the others in the fridge to set. The verdict? The dehydrated ones were preferred.

Kale Chips: The 'New & Improved' version of Popcorn.

Then we watched the movie Food, Inc., whilst snacking on Kale Chips. I must admit, watching movies about the S.A.D, and eating (anything, even Raw Foods) don't go hand in hand. I've always been one of those people that has been accepting of the fact that animals have to be killed in order to be eaten, but since becoming Raw I have really changed this view; it was horrible seeing the animals being hung up and humiliated in the slaughter house. My mum (who is usually 100% Raw, but occasionally has cooked food) was so shocked seeing it (even though we'd seen things like that before) she immediately said, "I'm never eating meat again." I knew she meant it, too. The root of all the issues seemed to be people's greed for money. It was heartbreaking to see people that wanted desperately to be healthy (it was literally a matter of life and death), but that didn't know how. It made me thankful to have found Raw Food, and determined to spread it to as many people as possible. (Not to force it on them, but to let them know that there is hope in this corrupt world).

So anyway, since we've been buying up large on Raw Organic Foods, there's occasionally leftovers. What Do Ya Do With Leftovers? You make more Raw Food, of course!

We had some Kiwifruit that was going soft... The result?

Kiwifruit Sorbet.

We had some Raw Beans, and Raw Tomato Sauce from Tacos that had been made... Result?

Raw Vegan Pizza, with Beans, Avocado, Tomato Sauce, Red Onions, and Fresh Cilantro.

It tasted great, EXCEPT that I wished I'd gone with my intuition on this one and developed my own recipe for a Pizza Base! (Why? Why didn't I?) I'd been looking at a lot of other recipes, and decided to use one with apple in it. I was a bit dubious; I did NOT want a sweet pizza, I wanted a savory one! Anyway, the pizza still looked and tasted amazing, and it was a good experience c:

I do LOVE testing other peoples recipes though (but because of my lack of skills, it does sometimes take me awhile to get it right), but a great thing to do with random leftovers is to create something new!


  1. these all look incredibly delicious!!! I love reading your blog :0)


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