Thursday, September 30, 2010

What a pleasant surprise!

As you may have read here, I was at the 'Vegetarian Expo' on Sunday.

When I was there I bumped into one of my old friends who I hadn't talked to in about a year, Hayley.

Me and Hayley met in French class, and I have to say, she is pretty awesome!

So when I saw her I said Hi, and she said Hi, and we were both like :D

Then I wrote on her wall (this would be the Facebook wall. If you don't have a Facebook, you may not be down with the lingo), and said, "Hey, it was cool seeing you! We should meet up!"

This may seem incredibly boring to you, but keep reading, it gets better!

And she said, "Yes we should! Are you a vegetarian? I'm a vegan."

I was so amazed, I knew she also was quite sick last year and had to take time off school, but seriously! She's a Vegan?! I was amazed, so I wrote back straight away and told her I was Raw and that I was so happy that I knew someone around my age who was also 'enlightened'.

Today me, my mum, and my mum's non-raw-vegan friend went to lunch at a restaurant that serves raw food (as well as vegetarian and vegan), called the Lotus Heart.

I like this friend of my mum's, because she is really supportive of our raw veganism. It's about 50/50, some people like it, others do not, and argue about it. But this friend is cool, and she also paid for lunch...

This is what my mum and her friend had, I didn't have it because the rice paper it was wrapped in was cooked. It appeared to be similar to a Christmas present.

And my favorite, a Cookies and Cream drink! Because two photos are better than one :D

This is what I had, the Raw Nori Roll. I have had a few rolls in my time (that sounds slightly disturbing), and I have to say, this was a gooood roll. Very good indeed.

To go with it I had a Raw Couscous Salad. I think it was made up of cauliflower, brocolli, cilantro, and raisins.

And for dessert, (who doesn't have dessert with lunch?) I had a Chia Swirl, and a Mayan... Thing. I've forgotten what it was called! I think it may have been 'brick' or 'block' or something, but that just doesn't seem right. Memory fail!

Then, because I was so well behaved in public for a change (that was a joke), my mum's friend bought me a raw Chocolate Bar! I ate it before I could photograph it, but photographed the wrapper anyway, which was funky.

I have some very very very exciting news, this is possibly the best news I've heard in forever.
My beautiful friend Meredith from the raw seed is releasing a new eBook, Raw Italian Feast ! I am so excited! I have promised her I will write a review, and you will not be disappointed!

Meredith has already put out two eBooks, they are both amazing, they feature her beautiful food, and stunning photography. You can purchase them both here. But wait, there's more! The profits from these eBooks go towards Meredith and her husband Dustin's project, known as Bleu Bee, an old school bus which they are lovingly converting into a home which they plan to use to travel in all over and spread raw food as far as they can, which is totally worth supporting!

You can also make a donation by heading over to her page, and clicking on a link there.

I also got my university essay and test results back, 89% for the essay and 96% for the aural test. :)

Peace and Raw Food,
Felic x


  1. wowowowow! all the food looks sooo good. I'll admit I'm drooling just looking at the photos. Quite inspired to make some raw vegan nori rolls now xD

  2. you are killing me with those delicious desserts. holy YUM your blog is AMAZING!! <3

  3. I love it when you find out your friends are vegan, or have similar beliefs! Those desserts look like, um, YUM! And a cookies and cream drink? You're kidding, send me one. PLEAAAAASSSSSEEE?? ok, maybe not that would be expensive shipping! Will definitely go check out your friends page...

  4. I love your tone of voice as you write. It's so obvious you're a teenager, but at the same time, it's so obvious that you're an intelligent teen; one that anyone would be happy to be around.

    The cookies and cream drink sounds really delicious. I made something almost like that last night. It was sorta a chocolate slop. It was going to be a chocolate "nut crust" but it became so sticky in my food processor that it wouldn't blend (because of using some very sticky dates and figs without a high enough porition of nuts), so I had to add some of my home-made pecan milk to it to get it to blend and I ended up with a delicious chocolate nut slop which I dipped oranges and strawberies in. It could have easily been a drink with a little more nut milk.

    I'm so inspired to read about someone younger than myself who is "enlightened" as you put it.

    Although, just one word of caution: it's very important that you're balancing your raw diet. Lots of vegetables, and very little or no refined sugars (such as agave, honey, stevia, etc.) I've seen rawvegans who are not very healthy because all they eat are raw desserts which are loaded with agave. While that's better than hamburgers, french fries, soda and candy bars, it's not ideal by far.

    I know you're smart, so you won't take me giving you a pointer the wrong way. Heh, for all I know, you alread shun agave and eat loads of vegetables. :p

    PS: Would you mind taking the polls on my blog?

    ~Raederle Phoenix

  5. Oh, how I enjoy visiting your blog!!
    Great photos and yummy foods!! Always!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Raederle, I just wanted to say, I do not use Agave AT ALL. We have some, but I much prefer dates, or raw local honey.

    I just want to thank everyone for the positive comments, such a great support :D

    Felic x


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