Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vegetarian/Vegan/Raw Expo 2010

So much fun! :D

The day started off with me meeting my BFFL Josh in town.

We had to walk a mile or two to get to the venue, but eventually... we made it! The day was like rly warm.

It was so crowded.

We walked through Hagley Park to get there. It was pretty cool, you gotta admit. There were blossoms on the trees, flowers scattered, sort of like a fairytale. It probably wouldn't be a fairytale if you had allergies though, then it would be a minefield.

But back to the soothing pictures.

The lol moment du jour was when me and Josh went up to a table to grab a free sample, and the lady was like, "Hey Gurlz!", and Josh was like, "Ahem. Excuse me?" and she was like, "Uh... and Guyz..." I laughed for the next ten minutes.

Food! Food was so tasty. Of course, I only ate the raw vegan stuff. I bought a bottle of Kombucha, too, 'cos I was so thirsty. But ew, it did not taste good. The stuff we brewed at home was so much better. (No offence to the guy who made it if you're reading this, though why would you be. Are you a stalker or something?!)

We had one each of these. On the left are Chia Swirls, and on the right are Chocolate Velvet Slices. They are even better than they sound!

I had a Lucuma Luxury drink. This is the drink stand.

I had a Quiche Lorraine. That sounds like a person's name, or is that just me?

Josh had a truffle, as usual. Because Josh always has a truffle. What am I getting Josh for his birthday in two weeks? A truffle.

Can you spot my mother, I mean, uh, Waldo? Chances are, you cannot.

Haha. Thar she is.

I had a slice of gateau as well, and me + mum halved a raw tortilla wrap.

The day was so great, perfect weather, great food, except for my mum constantly making inappropriate jokes in front of Josh. Just kidding, I do love you mum. :)

Peace and Raw Food,
Felic x


  1. thanks for sharing your fun day!=)

  2. That looks like an amazing day. The food and drinks look great. What a great opportunity.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Peace and Raw Health,


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