Sunday, September 5, 2010

Staying Raw in a State of Emergency

So recently there was an earthquake, and since then the Government has declared our city to be in a state of emergency (whatever that means). As well as that, we have a curfew (not allowed out from 7pm - 7am). I know! At least it applies to everyone, not only the teenagers. We have to boil any drinking water, since the sewerage pipes have exploded, for at least three minutes. We had no power or water for a day, and some people still don't. We are regularly experiencing aftershocks; there have been over 50. All schools are closed for two days (though mine will probably be closed for longer because it is in the central business district). The university is closed til the 13th, so I have an extension on my essay (hells yeah). The prime minister (kind of like the president in America), flew down and went on a tour of the destroyed city, and declared it to be 'rly bad'.

Yesterday people were buying up large in the few stores that were open, buying stuff such as canned food, milk, bottled water, bread, etc.

But I managed to stay Raw through the whole thing.

It's not like we knew that the earthquake was coming or anything, but somehow, just somehow, we had dehydrated lots of different varieties of crackers a few days before, and had lots of different fruits.

We didn't have the use of a blender, and not many bananas, so as a result, I haven't had a green smoothie in 2 days. That has been the most challenging. I didn't realize how important they were in my everyday diet til they were gone! My skin isn't faring so well... but tomorrow we are biking down to the organic grocers and stocking up on bananas and greens, and the second I get home I'm making myself a mega green smoothie!

Other than the lack of green smoothies, I have been living well (probably eating the best in Christchurch, from what I hear, people have had to eat all their ice cream before it defrosts, drink tons of milk, and eat only junk food, because they have no access to cooking equipment). I've been eating lots of raw crackers, and lots of fruits. And spending most of my time cowering under my bed.

I don't know what is in store for the next week. We are expecting gale winds, and possibly another smaller earthquake. My mum is keeping me home until the aftershocks stop.

My friends (and a lot of people out there) aren't exactly the most religious, but I truely do consider it a blessing that not one single person was killed, out of 360,000. Sure, there were some close calls, and a lot of buildings were damaged, but human life is far more precious, and the fact that we're all here today is a miracle.


  1. I cant believe the altitude of the earthquake in NZ!
    I hope everything is alright over there.
    Nz in its way is an awesome country XD
    I lived in Auckland until I was 13 XDDDD

    Haha and green smoothies rock! There like a delicious, nutritous drug. Starting a day with one is brilliant.

    And thanks for the blog follow, I followed you back and love your blog! its great knowing another raw teen! :D


  2. I am thankful to hear not a single person died. I am praying for you and your community. Great job staying raw. I know what you mean about green smoothies.. They become a much needed addition to our daily diets.

  3. We are praying for yor community over here in South Florida :) My family and I are trying to incorporate a green smoothie everyday for our morning meal. How many do you have daily?

  4. When I heard about the quake yesterday I immediatly thought of you and your mom! I'm so glad you are okay and that your family and close friends are okay too.
    Thinking about you!


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