Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mmmm Food

This is what was made this week.

Cheese and Lettuce Sandwhich

Bread!! I can't believe it. Well, it didn't exactly work to perfection, because we didn't have the right attachment on our juicer, but mmm, with cheese and lettuce, it tasted great, and it was sort of crispy too, like toast!


Made by my dear mother. It tasted good, too! But it had a strong after taste, which wasn't the coolest. Maybe it's just me. Because I don't really like garbanzo beans!


I couldn't believe it, either! Cheese! I didn't add any flavorings except for a lot of nutritional yeast, next time I will add other ingredients. It tasted so nice, and looked pretty cool, too.

Strawberry... Drink (un-inspired name, I know)

Since it is nearly Summer, this has been my favorite drink to sip in the sunny garden. Unfortunately, I have been banned from drinking it everyday, downgraded to drinking it once a week.

Apparently I was using too many strawberries... Hah.


  1. Don't worry, we have some strawberries growing in the garden, then I will not have to be so mean. xx

  2. hi felic pear!
    that bread looks scrumptious, just sayin :)
    so its been a while since i began thinking of turning to raw foods, and for about two months now i've been high raw. i feel so great! anyway, i owe it in part to you, who showed me that it is entirely possible for a teenager to flourish on a raw food diet. thank you so much!

  3. Thanks Fern! Let me know how your raw journey goes!

    Felic x :)

  4. i love your blog! I live in New Zealand too and recently turned vegan but I eat raw 80%-90% of the time..I cant bear to part with my kumara and oatmeal just yet ;-)
    Hope Christchurch is doing okay down there! Crazy that there's still aftershocks..well thats what one news says..?
    Your food looks amazing!
    Btw, where do you get your Kale? I can'find it anywhere =( Silly Auckland!

  5. Thank you!

    Chch is fine. Horrible and destroyed atm, but fine.

    I can't believe there is another 'vegan/raw' teen in NZ! :O My prayers have been answered.

    I get my kale from New World supermarket, lol. It's everywhere! And it grows really cheaply, too.

    Felic x


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