Sunday, January 2, 2011


Today I turned 16. It seems like yesterday that I was waiting for my 6th birthday... I always make sure I watch the clock for 8:08am, I have this thing that it isn't 'official' otherwise... Anyway! I took some pictures of my birthday breakfast and one of my presents. Most of my presents from my mum were food, yum!

MMMM! Raw coconut chocolate butter. They recommend eating 3 tablespoons a day. Or else.

Raspberries, Fruit, Essene Bread, and of course Chocolate Coconut Butter :D

Warmed Essene Bread

It was a very tasty breakfast

This is what I usually make for breakfast, a raspberry smoothie. All it is is a banana, frozen raspberries, and a bit of water. And then I add goji berries, of course.

Anyway, hope everyone had a good New Year!

Felic Pear x


  1. what a wonderfull breackgfast ! Happy birthday !

  2. Happy birthday and happy new year.
    Your breakfast is very beautiful

  3. Happy, happy Birthday!!
    I just have to make some of that bread, I have always wanted to try making it and I think this year will be the year!!

  4. Happy belated and congrats on the job! that's really exciting.


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