Monday, January 3, 2011

My Job, at Eternal Delight: Raw/Vegan café

This is the beautiful place where I work, known as Eternal Delight.

Front Counter

Food Cabinet. Yum!

I have always really loved the way they have painted words around the room, as you can see.

The view from where I sit

Today was insanely busy, but I managed to snatch a few minutes to myself when there was no one in the café, and take some pictures of my food, and of my surroundings.

The Counter

Here are all the goodies that are for sale, food, teas, superfoods, hydrosols, sauerkraut, cheeses, pesto (all raw and vegan)

For lunch I had a raw Italian burger. It was amazing - smooth cheese, crispy sprouts, crunchy greens, tomato, cucumber, and even a 'meat' patty! Ok, it didn't taste like meat, thankfully, but I really liked the way the burger was built like a burger, with the bread, cheese and meat. I loved it.

Black Forest Gâteau

This is another amazing dessert, the cream tastes so creamy, but without the cow, or the guilt. Plus the caramel sauce was just the best thing ever.

On another angle, you may notice that there are even grapes inside, oh wow!

Creamy Thai Mushroom Soup

I know what you're thinking, 'Felicity, do you actually do any work at that place?' Well, the answer is I do. But they offered that I try this, so how could I refuse? It was so rich and flavorful. Yes, the word I would use to describe this is definitely flavorful. As well as that it was very filling. But oh so good.

Also because today was really hot, I had a scoop of Coffee flavored ice cream! I didn't get a picture of it though, I forgot I had the camera with me, haha :D

They gave me some food to take home too, Pesto for my mum (who eats it like there is no tomorrow), another slice of Black Forest Gâteau, a slice of the Berry Cheesecake, and a roll of Sushi. Yay for my awesome dinner. Sadly the food was not in a photographable state after the dangerous bike ride home, and was beaten to a pulp, but it still tasted great.

Felic Pear x


  1. you have my dream job!!! raw coffee ice cream, AND you ride your bike to work? gah!=)

  2. waouh ! looks great !

  3. what a great learning and eating experience

  4. What an amazing job! Congrats!

  5. Wow, when did you get this job!?!?! AWESOME!!!! Perfect for ya... in such a lovely place. =)



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