Friday, December 31, 2010

First Day at Work


The only thing is is that I am kicking my self in the head for not bringing my camera!! I would have taken lots of pictures of the shop and of the food, some of which I got to eat.

I'm working in a few days so I will definitely bring my camera then.

So what happened today was that I showed up around 11, and just did really basic stuff, which was cool, then Patricia brought me a green juice, which actually looked really gross. I was sort of skeptical about it (even though I'd seen plenty of green juices in my time), but it tasted so good. It was like drinking velvet, and it was sweet, a little bit spicy, and nourishing - since every superfood in the store had been added!

I felt full after that, which lasted me a couple more hours, then I ate some lunch at around 2. I had a vegetable lasagna. Words cannot explain how good it tasted, it was just so nice, it had creamy cheese and crunchy vegetables and it was a true taste sensation. Oh, if only I had got pictures.

Then to finish my meal I had a slice of black forest g√Ęteau. It was really really nice, it was also creamy, rich, and decadent. I am in love with my new job already.

And next time I will take lots of pictures :D


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