Monday, January 17, 2011

Bad News, and Pasta

Ok, I have some really sad news. There will be no 'Raspberries Part 2' post... We ran out of raspberries!!

So to make up for it I have some pictures of some raw Pasta that we made today.

We didn't have zucchini (well, we do, but it's still growing, at the moment), so we used kohl rabi instead. The texture wasn't really the same as wheat Pasta, but visually it was mostly the same. I liked it being a bit chewy, because aren't we supposed to chew our food when we eat it. Usually I hate kohl rabi, especially when cooked, but this time I actually really liked it.

For the sauce we used sun dried tomatoes soaked overnight, and a bit of basil pesto, no fresh tomatoes as we'd eaten the ones from the garden the day before! Oh well, I really really liked the sauce too.

And we sprinkled some raw Parmesan cheese on top.


  1. i just ordered some raw parmesan and now i know what i'm going to make when it arrives

  2. Yes!! I completely recommend it. It even sort of melted in somehow, it was simply delicious <3

  3. i've never tried kohlrabi before, but now i want to go out and find some! looks so good


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