Tuesday, June 22, 2010

100% Raw Week


Well, what an amazing 100% raw week I've had!

Today me and my BFFL Josh went to the best raw-vegan café in Christchurch during our school lunch break. It was SO cool. Josh is an incredibly fussy eater, and I refuse to eat practically everything. (It is so hilarious to say, "I don't eat meat, dairy, eggs, sugar, wheat or cooked food"), so it was great to go to a café that catered for both of us. Josh ate a truffle, and I had my favourite Mayan Magic Chocolate, or as I call it, "Chocolate Soup".

Meanwhile at home, mum and I have been creating incredible raw dishes, aided by a few websites and raw cookbooks.

I'm not posting the recipes now, but I WILL.

This is one of my favourite things to take in my school lunch, and is a great winter treat. (Can be quite spicy, which seems to naturally heat the body).

I also made some little biscuit treats, and I will upload the recipe later for these, they are YUM.


Better go and eat my Raw Chocolate Mousse. (:

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