Sunday, May 22, 2011

Raw Vegan Recipe: Chocolate Ice Cream (with Chocolate Sauce)

Today is my mum's birthday, and her favorite food is ice cream, so of course I had to make her some. I personally didn't eat any, after just completing a 5 day smoothie challenge, but hopefully she'll save me some, though I wouldn't count on it :P

Chocolate Ice Cream

10-15 medjool dates
1T unhulled tahini
1T sunflower/cashew butter (either)
2T honey
1 banana
1/3c coconut butter
3c water or whatever milk is on hand (preferably not cow's though haha)
1/4c cacao powder

(I know what you're thinking, "Tahini + Dessert?!" Bear with me here)

Blend the dates in the milk/water. If you don't have a great blender (like me) add water gradually, so it will sort of be like a paste.

Melt the coconut butter, tahini, sunflower butter. I boil the kettle and put the water in a big bowl and the ingredients in a smaller bowl. Continue to add the milk and/or water.

Finally mix all the ingredients together in the blender. (Or if you have a good blender you could have done this in the beginning). The right texture shouldn't be too thin, and should be more on the creamy side.

Freeze, or put in the ice cream maker. If you freeze it, take it out of the freezer first for 10 minutes before you eat it so it will be softer.

Note: I always make this recipe for me and my mum's taste, and we don't like things to be so sweet. If you think it needs more honey, dates, bananas, or anything else ADD THEM. Also, these are estimates, I hardly ever follow recipes and just add till things are 'good enough'.

I also don't have an exact recipe with the sauce, I used honey (even though I'd been warned against it, though it worked this time), cacao butter, and cacao powder.

Felic x

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  1. this is so awesome! Thanks for sharing (:


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