Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 1 of Green Smoothie Challenge

Even though New Zealand is the sort of country which feels like it is isolated and alone and left out from everyone else's activities, we have something that I'm pretty confident not many other countries have! We have a company that makes green juices and green smoothies called Green Juice Inc., based in Wellington (where I happen to live right now!)

I was so amazed when I heard this that me and my mum contacted them and ordered some smoothies straight away, and then went the next day to pick them up. And we got to personally meet the owner, which was great too. It's funny, because when I buy raw food I usually contact the owner of the company and end up meeting them - you can't say that for all food companies out there!

I am a strong believer in green smoothies and juices, I mean, what could possibly be better medicine than a fresh juice or smoothie? The problem I find with juicing is going through so much produce, and sometimes it can be hard to source new and exciting ingredients for green smoothies, so they can get a bit samey, or if you use the same ingredients over and over again like I read here.

But with Green Juice Inc., they use different ingredients everyday. Janelle, the owner, showed us a sheet of paper with all the different combinations she was using, and many of them were definitely ones I wouldn't use. I guess my knowledge of green smoothies is not very extended.

She also has a sort of package deal called the 'Green Smoothie Challenge'. Five days of Green Smoothies. Yes please. So that's what I'm doing. Todays smoothie was Strawberry, Orange Pear, Silverbeet, and mint.

So far I feel amazing. I had a huge energy burst, not to mention I felt really happy too. I was also doing a lot of urgent last minute study (kids, don't procrastinate) and I actually feel it really helped me concentrate. And it really filled me up, so much! It was delicious, in other words.


  1. That sounds so great! How fortunate you are to have that company right where you live.
    Have a fantastic green smoothie fast!!
    Peace and Raw Health,

  2. oh, I would love it if someone was doing that kind of thing over here!
    And that sounds like an amazing combination...I've never had silverbeet!
    Enjoy the yummy green-ness (: xx

  3. Glad to see you feeling so energised and productive! Green smoothies rule!


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