Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blood Tests, all has been revealed!!

A week (or two) ago, we went to the local doctor's to get ourselves 'signed up' should the godforsaken happen and we actually need their help. They were really lovely, anyway, and I was really impressed when they were impressed by my raw veganism. To quote the doctor, "I personally wouldn't recommend milk myself."

Sadly for me, since the earthquake very very strange things have happened to my body. First of all, I gained 10kg, which is about 20lbs (or a bit more), and I have had quite bad depression, lack of concentration, and low energy, among other things. Strangely, even though my mum and I eat the exact same diet, she has not gained any weight and doesn't suffer from any of these symptoms.

I have also been having completely random episodes of bloating, where I feel like my stomach is about to burst, and then a very painful stomach that's impossible to sleep on.

When we received the results, everything on my mum's were perfect, but then I found out, shock horror, that I had low iron! Though we were happy that our B12 were great. I have heard that sometimes earthquake trauma can cause iron levels to be depleted, as I never had this problem before this whole thing, but oh my word, I am so over this. It follows wherever I go.


  1. Awww, this will all turn out okay in the end I am sure. Life has been strange since the earthquakes, and at times it is not easy living this way without our little gardens just out the back door, but after these adventures we will know that we can survive this kind of upheaval and flourish. I'm sure the answers we need will come. xx

  2. Aww! I hope you feel better sweetie!! :( SO sorry to hear you've been suffering! I know how stomach pain and bloating can be..
    Get those iron levels back up and I bet you will be great (:

  3. Hi Felic! I just found your page here and I want you to now, I think you are strong!! Way to go! I hope you will feel more balanced soon, I guess your very sensitive to what our Mother Earth feel..
    Love and Bliss from Earthsprout<3

  4. Nawww... you poor thing.
    I hope you get better soon!!!

    Love Loren xx

  5. OMGSH.


    I'm dying. for 2 reasons. 1!! Because I totally forgot your website URL and it took me two days of hard thinking to unravel your unique name from my brain. 2!! The bloating! How horrid! My suggestion is begin juicing (or continue) but make sure that your micronutrients get into you BEFORE your macronutrients. Don't know if you've heard Matt Monarch talk about that, it's what he was taught. Micronutrients are things like green powders, wheatgrass, royal jelly, spirulina, chlorella, juicing vegetable tonics, healing fruit juices, and fresh coconut water. Then as the day progresses hydrate but follow your body's desire for food and have your macronutrient meal---> SALAD :D

    I want to know how you are doing otherwise!! :) I need to go catch up on your posts now.

  6. Thanks Amy!

    I have been drinking a lot of juice, and it has really been helping. I usually have green juice on hand all throughout the day and have some first thing in the morning. I haven't had an more bloating since then, which is greeat!!

    Felic x


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