Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Week

I'm sorry I haven't posted for awhile. I have been really busy this week.

I made a nearly-the-end-of-week resolution last week, which was that I had to stay to the END of the school day, no matter what. I'd been coming home in the afternoons because I didn't have any classes on. So anyway, school took up a large part of my time this week. >:|

I invented 'Felicity's Slice of Happiness', my new Raw Energy Bar! (That's a good name for a blog, too.)

These are the plain bars, I made another batch with chocolate.

This may not be helpful to 811ers out there, but I'm going to be honest here, I need nuts and seeds to live! They may have calories, but they give me energy like nothing else out there, and it's the same for my mum. I drink my green smoothie daily because it helps keep my skin healthy, and gives me my daily dose of protein. However, if I don't have enough fats (like nuts, seeds, avocados) my body starts craving them, and if I don't have enough greens, my body starts craving them. So I'm still really learning about myself at this stage.

Back to the Slice of Energy! They are so great to bring to school, because they look just like the muesli bars that everyone else has. I will post a recipe when I manage to think of one, all I really did was throw lots of different kinds of nuts, some dates, raisins, and honey in the food processor.

With this lunch, I'd look just about normal!

On the subject of energy... I have been so active this week. My mum was borrowing a car from her friend (whose children she was cooking for), and had to give it back last week. Since it's been gone, my daily activity has gone through the roof, I've had to walk all over the place. Yesterday we had to walk back from the organic grocer's, which was probably about 3km. But I didn't mind, me and my mum got to have a good talk, we weren't polluting the already polluted planet, and got a large dose of Vitamin D.

Plus I went to the gym twice this week with my friend. I don't really like the gym, but there are times when I just feel like running and not stopping. Not that I did, I had a sore leg :(

I got into some pretty big debates this week, too, with one of my best friends, who wants to be a doctor. She believes doctors are the way, the truth, and the life. I don't.

I don't really like doctors much. When I went to the doctors, begging for help, they gave me some pills that did absolutely nothing, except for one of the pills, that did have the desired effect, but taking it wasn't very nice, I can tell you. I kept being told, "Come back in two weeks, and then..."

Of course, then I stumbled upon Raw Food, and so I didn't require a doctor any more.

In my interview at the raw seed, I mentioned that Cream o' Buckwheat, which is what I have for breakfast every morning.

I always add a Boysenberry in the middle, and a sprinkle of Goji Berries.

Everyday I think, 'I wonder if I'll ever get tired of this...', but then I take the first bite, (or spoonful?), and I know that I never will. Every morning I'm surprised by its amazing perfection. I will post a recipe for it this week.

A few weeks ago my mum bought me a super kwl black art book, because I really needed one to write all my raw food recipes in.

I have been slowly working on my eBook. I'm not sure when I'll 'officially' release it, though. I'm taking my time, I'm definitely not planning on doing a whole week of ice cream again! Don't get me wrong, it was heaven, but heaven should only be an occasional thing.

More exciting news! We are brewing some Kombucha and some Water Kefir! I LOVE Kombucha. They should be ready in... 8-10 days. That is so unfair how far away that is. The world could've ended by then.

We received our copy of Purely Delicious the other day. I've been reading it ever since. I love stuff like that! The raw food world is really expanding, now we just need a 24 hour TV channel.

And have a look at this video! If only they played it on TV, the young impressionable children would be so much better off...

I have quite a few recipes I want to post on here, so I will be posting in the next week hopefully!

And we're selling our microwave, which we haven't used for months. Now we store our crackers in that spot.

Felic Pear


  1. Please please please post the recipe for your energy bars, I'm really curious to try it! Also, what recipe do you use for your nacho-type chips? They look delicious. Lastly, recipe for Cream O' Buckwheat please! Looks better than any grocery bought cereal out there!

    I also agree with your view on doctors - they don't know everything. I know I haven't been sick in 3-4 years since I changed my diet and I definitely feel much better when I eat raw. A friend discovered that she has early kidney failure so I'm turning her on to raw, which I know will help.

    Is that magazine you posted internationally available, or just in your area? I'm struggling to find raw food related magazines in Canada.

  2. Yes, I will post all the recipes this week! The nacho chips are called Noritos, and they are under the label 'Raw Vegan Recipes'. I originally got the recipe off Meredith at

    The magazine is available everywhere (I think), but it's published in the US, So it would definitely be available in Canada!

    Thank you for your comment :D

  3. I hope you post the cream o'buckwheat! I read the interview last week (it was great!) and then searched the net hoping to find a raw cream of buckwheat recipe. :) We use buckwheat in dehydrated cereals, and would love to have another way to eat it for breakfast.

  4. I definitely will post it! I love buckwheat too :D


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