Tuesday, August 24, 2010

24 hours away from Water Kefir happiness...

We started fermenting our Kefir Grains a day (or two) ago.

For anyone that doesn't know, Kefir is a grain that you ferment, and it is filled with healthy bacteria and goodness.

We found great tutorials and articles about growing and fermenting Kefir. I'm so grateful for the internet, it makes being raw so much easier. And everything else, as well.

...I'm sorry, I was just distracted by the full moon just outside my window.

Anyway... What was I saying again? 

Kefir! Right, I found a great tutorial and post from GreenMomZoe's blog, but the Water Kefir post and Video are specifically here.

We're currently up to a 'stage two' fermentation. We added 1/4c orange juice to make an Orange Lemonade (kind of like Fanta, hopefully), and are letting it ferment for a further 24 hours. I tasted it, and it was sort of like Lemon Ice Tea, very nice :D 

I hope to post the 'Slice of Happiness' Energy bar recipe soon. I'm still developing it. I brought samples to school for my friend Josh to try, and I think he liked them, but they still need improvement. I have managed to develop a Chocolate flavour and a Vanilla flavour! I really like both, but I need to add more sweetener I think. I'm not used to my food being very sweet.

So far we're 2 days into the new block at school. There are two blocks in a term, every 5 weeks. Every block we choose new classes to take. Anyway, I'm not really a bunker at school but I don't take many classes (we have quite a lot of freedom, I already attend University part time, and do some subjects that aren't offered by correspondence), but this block I picked a ton of classes, and so far my attendance has been perfect! Granted, it's only been 2 days. But I plan for it to continue! But with taking a lot of classes comes the most ridiculous amount of homework. I tell you, what a waste of time. For maths I have to find out all these name origins of measurements, for history I have to read 10 pages about WW2, for Health I have to keep a food journal (more on that!), for French I have to write about what I want to do when I 'grow up' AGAIN (I've already written it about 50 times), and for music I have to listen to a massive CD, and read complicated excerpts. I don't think I've ever had this much homework in my life.

So anyway, this block I'm taking a class on Nutrition! I know! As a Raw Vegan, I get to take a class on Nutrition, I felt like it was Christmas.

The first question the teacher asked the class was, "What is nutrition?"

Some skinny guy (drinking an energy drink): "It's, uh, getting, like, 5 vegetables a day and meat and..."

The next question: "Do you care about nutrition?"

The same guy: "Uh no."

Teacher: "Why not?"

Guy: "We've got fast metabolisms."

Everyone applauds.

That's actually quite common at my school. There aren't many fat people, and everyone eats badly, because clearly the crap is not going 'straight to the thighs'.

So I get to keep a food diary for the next few weeks, and the good news is that I'm sure I'm getting my 5+ vegetables per day.

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