Friday, November 12, 2010

Scones: Part 2

The scones are out of the oven, uh, I mean, dehydrator. Scones are such an English thing. But I have some English blood so it's all good.

I got this recipe from Ani Phyo's book Ani's Raw Food Essentials. Not only did it have some pretty good looking recipes in it, it also had plenty of information and resources.

Scones with Cream and Raspberry Jam

This one is like a sandwich! It may look a bit messy, but I thought it looked funny with jam oozing out the sides.

I am offering you a virtual scone!

Anyway, after my amazing breakfast I now have to go, I have work to go to.

Peace and Raw Food,


  1. Why have I never found your site!!! It's epic! AGH, I don't even know you but I'm proud of your choice to eat this way :P


  2. Haha, thanks, your comment made my day c:

  3. just went back through all your old posts. i seriously wish i found out about you a while ago. your writing is so delightful, I feel like I know a little bit about who you are. I was wondering if maybe you could message me or post your daily intake. I know you're big on green smoothies, and fruit, and you enjoy nuts and seeds, but I wanted to make a comparison from my intake. Also, have you noticed your hair changing at all? I'm asking because my hair has thinned a lot since I've begun eating this way. I have however only been eating 75-80%.

    Hope all's well :)

  4. Hi,

    Can you post the recipe for this?



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