Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Best of Raw Chocolate

It has always saddened me that chocolate is supposedly so bad for me. Amazingly enough, RAW chocolate is very healthful! Because the nutrition isn't bubbled and boiled away, the raw cacao (which is a superfood) can deliver the antioxidants, magnesium, and iron. Please note: this is RAW chocolate we are talking about, the other stuff will just go straight to your hips. :)

Because I live in a tiny island in the middle of nowhere, I was amazed to find a place that sold raw products, and then I stumbled upon raw chocolate bars!! We decided to try them all, and I have to admit, these Tama Toa bars (pictured right) are my definite favorite.

I really love the whole raw chocolate eating experience. Maybe it's because the chocolate is handmade, and beautifully packaged. This chocolate is different, it's not the sort you buy and quickly shove into your mouth. It's the sort where you carefully remove the wrapping, savor the sight, and equally savor the taste, texture, and moment.

I've noticed with other raw chocolate that they often aren't sweet. I have a sweet tooth, and so I was delighted to discover that the Tama Toa chocolates are sweet!

It trult melts in the mouth, too, and because Pixie (the creator) adds nuts, seeds, goji berries and a few other delights to the mix, they have a nice crunch to them.

(I'm starting to salivate looking at the pictures, excuse me.)

Great news, we are selling a few from our stash! But be quick, we will not sell many, and they are sure to go quick, due to deliciousness and the fact that I know where my mother has hidden them.

Contact me at felic [dot] pear [at] gmail [dot] com, if you would like to purchase one.

Or you can order them directly from Pixie's website rawhearts.com

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